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Please visit Foxey and send her your love [19 Sep 2009|05:21pm]

Feel free to delete if this is not allowed.

The following entry belongs to a friend of mine. She recently lost her Foxey, and wants her entry to be seen. If you have a moment, I'd love to help her out in this regard.

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Help me win $5000 for my local Humane Society! [19 Sep 2009|12:23am]

Feel free to delete if this is not allowed.

I LOVE My dog, and he's a top-10 finalist in a dog-food contest. If he's selected the winner, we get dog food for life, $5000 for our animal charity of choice (the humane society we adopted him from) and a few other perks for me/us. If you have a moment, I'd appreciate your vote and comment! We're only a handful of votes behind, and the contest ends September 22, so I'm trying to push now! http://www.brickfish.com/Pages/PhotosAlbums/PhotoView.aspx?qsi=19512752 THANK YOU!!!

or click the link below. PLEASE if you have a moment, LEAVE A COMMENT. You can say anything as long as you keep it clean - or they'll take it down. That's where we're most lacking.

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Beautiful and original dog portraits… [21 Jan 2009|11:53am]

Hi dog lovers;
My name’s Mike and I love drawing animals, especially dogs, cats and horses as well as people, particularly children and family groups.

My portraits are either colourful pastel studies or black and white pencil drawings and I mainly work from photos sent by mail or email.

I have been working for a couple of years using eBay and have many satisfied customers all over the world.

If you think you might be interested in commissioning me to do a portrait of your beloved pet or would just like to find out a few more details such as sizes and prices, or read testimonials from my many satisfied customers, please visit www.easy-portraits.co.uk/

Meanwhile, here are a couple of examples of my work:

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The Laughing Shih Tzu's say HAVE A Great Holiday tomorow! [24 Dec 2008|11:03pm]

Merry Christmas or Season Greetings, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah,a Cool Yule! Took some pics of the crew plus the puppies puppies (the four that are left)


BTW, Do you realze how hard it is to get them to sit still?
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Halloween pictures! [10 Nov 2008|09:11am]

Well, the girls did dress up for halloween and entered a costume contest and had tons of pictures taken of them, problem... I can't find them! in the papers there are line up pictures and I have pictures of the dogs to the left and right of me. I'm not mad, actualy I find it pretty funny.

But anyway, I redressed the girls in thier costumes yesterday and took some pictures
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The Newfoundland: A Hero in History and Most Loved Companion [02 Jul 2008|02:11pm]
The Newfoundland: A Hero in History and Most Loved Companion
 by: Joy Cagil
When Joe--at the age of seventeen--neared his last days, I ran away from home. I knew I wouldn't be able to take it. Yes, literally I escaped witnessing my favorite pet's death. Probably that's why he still feels alive to me.
Joe, a Newfoundland mix, was plucked from the town's pound when he was a six week-old puppy. Although a mix, he had all the traits of the breed, starting with loyalty, gentleness, and watching over our children. He loved life and he loved food. Twelve years after his passing, our sons still consider him as their younger brother. As a breed, a Newfoundland is considered a working dog, but Joe was the most wonderful pet one could ever wish for.
The Newfoundland is thought to be a cousin to the now extinct American Black Wolf, which also had the classical white spot on its chest. During the first attempts of the conquistadors to settle the new continent, Newfoundlands roamed the plains in huge, wild packs since they were indigenous to North America.
What Thoreau said in Walden about Newfoundlands does not even begin to do this breed justice. "A man is not a good man to me because he will feed me if I should be starving, or warm me if I should be freezing, or pull me out of a ditch if I should ever fall into one. I can find you a Newfoundland dog that will do as much." Newfoundlands are much more than that. They are not only working dogs but also the most loyal companions one can ever hope for.
For centuries, these dogs were tamed and trained by the Indians, Algonquins and later the Sioux, as load carriers before the Spaniards introduced the horse to the Americas.
Newfoundlands were also the breed who traveled on explorers' ships. As a good watchdog, a Newfoundland was the dog of choice on board. The dog also had swimming, life-saving, and sniffing abilities. A Newfoundland smelled land before it could be seen from the ship and alerted everyone with his excited behavior.
The Newfoundland of today is a big heavy dog with muscular shoulders, strong neck, strong-boned forelegs, long black fur with a white spot on the chest, and a powerful body. The original Newfoundland had a short neck, but in today's dog shows, the breed is expected to have a longer neck to help carry itself with dignity. The average adult dog is 28 inches high and weighs somewhere between 120 to 150 pounds.
Some Newfoundlands have white and black or bronze fur as opposed to the general black with white tuft on chest. The coat of an average Newfoundland is bright black and water resistant. Its outer layer is long and smooth in contrast to the short and dense inner layer. The lesser Newfoundland or St. John's Newfoundland is the smaller version of the original breed.
The temperament of this breed is inimitable. Incredible feats of Newfoundlands abound in the news media, because intelligent and unusually adaptable dogs that they are, they quickly figure out what their owners are up to and start working with him toward the same goal.
A Newfoundland is very loyal, dignified, fun-loving and soft-natured. His gentleness and serenity has made him the star of children's stories, like the Newfoundland in Peter Pan.
The feats of this breed have been etched in history as well. It is said, when Leif Ericson visited Newfoundland in 1001, he carried his dogs with him that mated with the original Newfoundlands, thus producing the forefathers of the present day Newfoundland dogs.
A brave Newfoundland saved a French emperor from drowning. That emperor was Napoleon Bonaparte.
During the Civil War, a Newfoundland named Major fought the confederates by biting them until he was killed with a musket shot to his head in the Battle of Mansfield, Lousiana.
During World War II, Newfoundlands were used as carriers of water, supplies, and ammunition. Canadians claim that they have documented proof that this dog was in existence even during 3000 BC together with the Canadian Indians of Newfoundland who buried their dead together with their dogs.
The Newfoundland has been made the official animal emblem on October 5, 1972, by the government of Newfoundland, Canada. Not only the Newfoundland as breed has his picture on the Canadian stamps now, but also a Newfoundland as pet has carved his love in this owner's heart.
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Give Your Dog a Sexy Makeover [15 Jun 2008|03:11am]
Give Your Dog a Sexy Makeover
 by: Disney Pieces
How's your dog looking these days? Running through puddles, rolling in mud, and fighting off fleas can leave any dog looking drab. But it doesn't have to be that way. And you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a fabulous looking dog. Follow these tips and your dog will be the "cats meow"!
The most essential part of the process is perfecting the coat.
You want your dog to have a shiny, healthy coat that leaves people in awe. Before you go and buy brushes, expensive shampoo and cute bows; consider that it's what's on the inside that counts the most.
What are you feeding your dog? Are you giving them their proper vitamins and minerals? A dog's diet is what makes the difference between a scruffy looking coat, and a coat that looks like royalty. Read the labels on the food. To make that even easier here is a tip: if you can find the food in your grocery store- then avoid it.
You don't have to buy the most expensive dog food around, but foods with actual nutrients and not cheap fillers (corn, meal, etc.) are not found in the grocery store.
Nothing is a bigger turn off than bad breath! This counts for dogs too.Dogs should have a normal dental routine. Small dogs will need their teeth brushed a few times a week as they are more prone to tooth problems. Additionally, make sure your dog has plenty of chews that clean the teeth. There are also products available that you can put in their water to help reduce plaque and freshen breath.
Some dogs will fight having their nails clipped like there is no tomorrow! But it still has to be done. Training your dog early to accept having their nails clipped can work wonders. If it's too late for that, and your dog gets fiesty, try to make it a relaxing experience. Give your dog a treat for sitting next to you. Clip a nail, and give another treat. Clip another nail, give another treat. You get the pattern. If that doesn't work, you can always have another person distract your dog (either with treats or a toy) while you get to clipping.
After following these steps, your dog should be pretty sexy. But how's his figure? People worry so much about their weight but when it comes to their dogs, they don't seem to mind if they are unhealthily overweight. Ideally, your dog should have a visible waistline behind the ribs. Stand above your dog, if you see a waistline then you're all set. If not, you might want to consider cutting back on some of that high quality food. And definitely cut out the treats!
When it comes down to it, looks are not important. Health is what counts. Feeding your dog a healthy diet, having a regualar dental routine, nail clipping and maintaining a proper weight will all add to the health, (and the life), of your precious pet.

I know about - Different Types Of Bird Baths
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Doggie Ice Cream! [14 Sep 2006|08:20am]
Some yummy news for your pups, as posted in the Boston Globe:

In 2006, Jeff Walker decided to give dogs exactly what they want – an ice cream of their very own. Frostbite, a new line of power ice cream for dogs, offers a holistic way to treat a wide variety of ailments from anxiety to dry skin. For our more privileged clientele, the Frostbite Headquarters in Boston will custom-blend homeopathic toppings for individual pets. These unique blends of all-natural herbs, when mixed in with Frostbite Ice Cream, offer a supplement to daily nutrition and an aid to traditional veterinary medicine.

Walker, a historian of Chinese herbal sciences, has created a team consisting of a pharmacologist, a culinary historian, and a veterinarian to help formulate the world’s first healthy homeopathic ice cream for dogs.“We are seeing tremendous increases in chronic ill health in our pets that was rare back in the early 1960's. Most of these illnesses revolve around breakdown in our pets' immune systems, and include chronic skin/ear allergies, digestive upset, thyroid/adrenal/pancreatic disorders, seizures, gum/ teeth problems, degenerative arthritis, kidney/liver failure, and cancer across all ages and breeds. Homeopathy offers a viable alternative in truly curing pets and making their bodies healthier,” said Michael Dym, D.V.M.

Four of the available healing mix-ins include: a senior blend designed to relieve arthritis, aid digestion, and support cognitive function in older dogs; an Echinacea and goldenseal blend to strengthen the developing immune system of puppies and promote healing and help fight off infection in adult dogs; a tranquility blend to calm dogs with general and situational anxiety and reduce physical tension without the side effects seen in other medications; and a tinkle tonic to soothe the urinary tract and reduce inflammation without irritating the kidneys. Other mixes, such as a detoxifying blend and a digestion aid, are in the works and will be launched later this summer.

Frostbite ice cream is available for dog-friendly events everywhere, from party packages to the Frostbite Doggie Ice Cream truck. We’ll help you plan and throw a block party featuring Frostbite Doggie Ice Cream for your friends and neighbors. We offer a Sundae Bar service so each doggie guest at your party can have a frosty dessert made just for them with all their favorite flavors. Join the Frostbite Birthday Club and get coupons for a special treat for your pup on his or her special day. No matter what type of event you’re planning, Frostbite has something to help make it a party to remember.

The ice cream is all natural, non-dairy, and dark chocolate free. With a long list of exotic flavors and dog-friendly sundae toppings, Frostbite takes the heat out of your dog’s summer. Every one of Frostbite’s products is made with the finest, freshest ingredients and is specially formulated to keep your dog healthy and happy.

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Sniff's and kiss's [02 Jun 2006|11:52pm]

If this isnt ok, please let me know ASAP...

13 "Screen Cleaners" (animated, so beware dial upers)
7 Dog Icons
11 Stock items

Same old rules
No hotlinking
Please credit! and tell me what ya think :)

01. 02. 03. 04.

No animals were harmed in the making of these icons
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today at the beach... [14 Mar 2006|05:58pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I just had to go back to the beach. We had another lovely day, weather-wise and I wanted to enjoy a little of it. I also wanted to try getting some more pictures, without the leash showing.
Image hosting by Photobucket

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One of my co-workers at my job pointed out something to me recently. She told me I am being very silly in not taking advantage of having the beach three blocks from my house. So after some thought, I realized she was right, I was taking it for granted. I can't wait for the warm weather so I can take all three of my dogs down there for a swim!


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[12 Mar 2006|06:18am]

Adorable puppies need a good home. There are 6 total. I've been trying to rescue these pups for a few weeks now so I am elated that we finally got them.

They are as sweet as can be. About 7-8 weeks old. 3 males, 3 female. Started out with 9 but 2 disappeared and one was killed by one of the kids who lived at the apartment complex so I really felt an urgent need to get them to a safe place.

This is one of the males. He is the only one with this look. The rest look just like the mom with perhaps a touch of sharpei. Total sweethearts.

While we were catching the pups a few guys came over and asked us to find a home for their dog as well. He's a 4 month old pit bull mix. Gets along wonderfully with kids, friendly and super sweet. He kept hugging everyone.

more photos of puppies, the pit mix and the mama dogCollapse )
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A Pug, An Irish Terrier and One Pitbull [15 Jan 2006|12:59am]

[ mood | cold ]

Here are some of the other pooches I did today! I hope you enjoy them BEHIND THE CUT

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New Doggy Painting - Bull Terrier...5 More to Come [14 Jan 2006|04:12pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Well this cute bully is the first out of the dog pound, but number 1 or a pack of 6. I'll be posting a Pug, Smooth Coated Terrier, Pitbull, Afghan Hound and an Irish Terrier also (probably around Monday) but I hope you enjoy this little guy for the meantime...

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New Doggy Paintings - Border Collie - Welsh Terrier............ [06 Jan 2006|04:52pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Some new doggies for the New Year. These will all be listed on eBay of course. Hope You enjoy!!! Not Dial Up Friendly!!!

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Dogs Australia. [09 Dec 2005|09:16am]

Hi there. My name is Naomi. I've recently started a livejournal community for Australian dog owners. This is not specific to animal welfare, but I hope that it may be a springboard for local community cohesion concerning animal welfare. It is also a place where people can share pictures of and stories about their dogs as well as potentially discuss local animal issues, including laws, fostering and animal transportation. If you feel you may be interested please join up by clicking here: dogs_australia.

We currently have a membership of around 70, but would like more people from around Australia to join in!

We also have a sister community if anyone is interested: pets_australia.


(Mods, if not appropriate please feel free to delete).
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Bernese Mountain Dog Painting [21 Nov 2005|02:46pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I finished Julian (that is the dogs name) last night and listed him today, I really love how he turned out and truth be known I have a soft spot for Bernies anyway!! Hope you enjoy.....

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maybe a sad ending [22 Oct 2005|02:33am]

[ mood | nervous ]

its suck to say that the first thing that i have to ask is a question.

- first i bought 2 twin sister dog.. border collie&husky mixed
- at almost 6 month the smallest one as probleme with her back leg.. she doesn want o open them and averytime i touche it and move it a lite i can feel like something it not in place ( that litle clicking feeling).

could it be a huge fight injury, with her twice's bigger sister or a fall over somthing hight
or one of those really expensive hips probleme ??

plz need answer fast !!!

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NEIGHBOR'S DOG NEEDS A HOME :( [22 Aug 2005|11:12am]

Hi! This is my first post here...but I have a really urgent announcement that you should pass on to all your friends who might be interested.

I live in the suburban Detroit area and our neighbors REALLY need a home for their 5(?)-year-old Jack Russell/Shih Tzu mix! He's the CUTEST little thing, but he hasn't been getting along with their other four Shih Tzus (agility dogs and such) and recently he got into a fight with one of them, causing him (the other dog) to hit his head on a dresser and lose sight in his one good eye, so now he's completely blind...and they don't want anything like this to happen to their other dogs. I believe something like this has happened before with another one of their Shih Tzus...but yeah, this little boy (his name is Wizard) is absolutely WONDERFUL with kids, (they have two in this house) all kinds of people, but he's just not stable with other dogs. They're afraid to put him in a shelter because with his history, they may not want to adopt him out (screw the MHS, really)...but he really just needs the right nome!!

PLEASE pass this on to any of your friends who may be interested! If someone wants this family's phone number, I'll give it to you privately. Thank you so much!!!!

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Please Vote in Poll...RE: SF Pit Bull Ban [06 Jun 2005|02:56pm]

There's a poll to the right of the article.

On behalf of pit bull owners in SF, please vote!


68% say Pit Bulls are vicious and should be banned in cities!!!
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[01 May 2005|03:39pm]

Hello everyone. I know you all hate advertisers, and I sincerely apologize if this isn't allowed. I started a Bichon Frise community, bichon_frise. I just wanted to alert the masses. I hope you all have a nice day.

Bichon Frise
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