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A Pug, An Irish Terrier and One Pitbull

Here are some of the other pooches I did today! I hope you enjoy them BEHIND THE CUT

Melba maybe be a tiny dog, but she is a big dog in a pint sized body! Fearless and courageous she is never too scared to take a flying leap off the couch for a treat and never to small to make it up onto the bed at night time...

Noodle likes to go fishing with his Dad, he doesn't really care for the lake water too much, but it's always fun to get outdoors and his Dad is the coolest Dad in the whole wide world (well to Noodle anyway)

Flik is a beautiful young lady.Her Mum adopted her from a shelter after having a very bad start to life. Sometimes people react to her like they are scared, but she soon shows them she has a heart of gold and really loves to be scritched behind the ear like any other dog....

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