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Hi! This is my first post here...but I have a really urgent announcement that you should pass on to all your friends who might be interested.

I live in the suburban Detroit area and our neighbors REALLY need a home for their 5(?)-year-old Jack Russell/Shih Tzu mix! He's the CUTEST little thing, but he hasn't been getting along with their other four Shih Tzus (agility dogs and such) and recently he got into a fight with one of them, causing him (the other dog) to hit his head on a dresser and lose sight in his one good eye, so now he's completely blind...and they don't want anything like this to happen to their other dogs. I believe something like this has happened before with another one of their Shih Tzus...but yeah, this little boy (his name is Wizard) is absolutely WONDERFUL with kids, (they have two in this house) all kinds of people, but he's just not stable with other dogs. They're afraid to put him in a shelter because with his history, they may not want to adopt him out (screw the MHS, really)...but he really just needs the right nome!!

PLEASE pass this on to any of your friends who may be interested! If someone wants this family's phone number, I'll give it to you privately. Thank you so much!!!!

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